Why us?

We have 13 years of experience in delivering goods to international markets and the team of experienced professionals to offer our products and services. We build our company on the basis of: first class quality, best possible customer service, the lowest market price and strong relationships with our clients, manufacturers and partners.

windhunter global export delivers goods straight to your destination seaport. Through first class customer care we make sure you receive what you expect to receive. As a global expert in exporting goods we have a wide network of first quality fruit and vegetable growers and packers, food manufacturers, production sites, and food factories. Our partners in food industry are GLOBAL GAP and HACCP certified. All other production partners have relevant industry certifications. We deliver first class products with the best quality assurance. We understand the importance of delivering on time. With an excellent logistic solutions worldwide we are able to arrange the best possible timing for your order.

windhunter global export is a proven and predictable partner
that is the reason you choose us!

About us

  • Company overview

    windhunter global export delivers first quality products for your specific market. We are able to diverse between certain regions of the world and product expectations. We understand these reliances and choose the best quality products for your market expectations and pricing strategy. We believe in what we do and we are capable of delivering products and services on demand, whatever you need, whenever you need.

  • Our mission

    As a leader in exporting first class products globally, windhunter global export provides the best quality products at the lowest prices. We serve clients worldwide, with particular focus on Middle East, Africa and Asia. We learn about your need and deliver the best quality to meet your needs and your pricing strategy. With excellence and precision, we carry out the whole process - from your request to receiving the order.

At windhunter global export we never promise that we can do everything - because no one can. But we can do everything we promise: to deliver first class products and the lowest prices to your company.


windhunter global export delivers various groups of products for export worldwide. With a long history on an international market we follow trends and stay alert on what works best on different markets. If you have a request concerning any other goods or services, we want to hear about it. We provide first class service. We are an exclusive agent of 12 EU based food factories.
windhunter global export also provides private label services and your own brand production.
If you have an inquiry about a product which is not listed, please contact us for more information.

  • Fresh fruits & vegetable

    At windhunter global export we provide first class quality fruits, vegetables as well as organic food. Selecting best quality fruits and vegetables we carry out quality control.
    We supply in various sizes and packaging. We supply fresh potatoes, onions and apples.

  • Dry goods, sweets and dairy

    windhunter global export supplies the best quality dry goods, sweets and dairy products at competitive prices. Various sizes, specifications and packaging are available.

windhunter global export works with GLOBAL GAP and HACCP certified growers who deliver only high quality products.

  • Drinking water and beverages

    windhunter global export provides first class quality drinking water from Polish mountain springs. We supply spring, mineral and table water in numerous sizes and packaging.

  • Science & tech

    windhunter global export supplies various products from the field of science, technology and construction. We deliver electronics at best prices worldwide.

First quality products for your specific market

  • Let us do it for you

    windhunter global export delivers first class quality goods worldwide for the clients from various market segments.

  • Logistics

    windhunter global export has a wide network of international freight forwarders to make sure your order gets to the destination on time at affordable price.

  • Consultancy, investment & business support - GCC countries

    windhunter global export provides market-orientated and designed services to support business development processes in GCC countries.

Always on time, always professional

  • Experience

    windhunter global export core value is the best quality of products and services we provide. We approach each client with diligence and the highest attention. Long term experience from different countries, continents, among different people, in different cultures and surroundings made us quality ambassadors. Our desire is to provide you with the quality.

  • Certification

    windhunter global export works with GLOBAL GAP and HACCP certified producers. All other production partners have relevant industry certifications. Internally we work accordingly to ISO and other certifications. On demand we offer independent certification to accompany your shipment.

windhunter global export – first class

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